About Dweeber
Welcome to Dweeber, a social website that connects youth and helps them get homework done faster by working with their school friends online. Dweeber.com was created by SmartWired, a group dedicated to helping young people understand their strengths and talents, and work together more effectively with parents, mentors, and each other. SmartWired has been working with audiences around the world since 2003 to help them reach (and exceed) their potential.

Dweeber launched in public beta in April 2009 to allow young people to use the growing phenomenon of social networking to actually help them learn, study, and do homework, as opposed to getting in the way of it. We spent many months researching and envisioning the coolest site we could create that would be engaging to use, and simultaneously empower youth to share learning and help bring out their best. Homework happens — Dweeber helps get it done faster! A couple of our guiding principles:
  • Everyone has their own unique brilliance.
  • Think of differences as resources rather than disorders
  • Track assets rather than deficits
  • Think of mistakes as experiments rather than failures.
  • Everyone has an inner Dweeb, a geek part of us that is passionate about something important.
Dweeber Team
Dave Peck
Working on: 'Dweeber Ops'
Dave is one of the founding partners of Dweeber.com and SmartWired. He specializes in making sure everything gets done (hopefully by the deadline), and strategizes how we can grow Dweeber to serve young people everywhere. He handles all the (dweeby) dirty work like legal, accounting, and funding. When he is not working on Dweeber, Dave can be found skiing in the backcountry, windsurfing, attempting to surf, and riding too many miles on his bikes.
Angie McArthur
Working On: ‘Strategy and Relevancy’
Angie is also a founding partner of Dweeber, and works on our creative direction, overall strategy, and relevancy to youth. She works closely with Dave (her husband and business partner) to make sure Dweeber functions the way its users (teenagers) want. Angie works closely with our youth advisory board, who keep tossing out new ideas and concepts to make sure we are always overwhelmed and never bored! Angie hails from Canada by way of Saudi Arabia, and comes up with her best creative solutions while playing golf, cycling, and skiing.
Nick Hutchings
Working On: Dweeber 3.0
Nick is a core investor of Dweeber and is our technological guru. He comes from a dweeby background of corporate learning and management systems. He handles all the I.T. stuff that most of us don't understand, and helps us communicate with our engineers. Nick lives in California and can be found surfing and kitesurfing when he is not Dweebing Out researching new web technology.
John Vieceli (a.k.a. 'The Diesel')
Working On: Good Looks! (and Keeping it Real)
John is our director of graphic design, and makes sure the Dweeber visuals are always amazing! We also twist his arm to stay involved in Dweeber branding and creative direction. He makes the site 'bling'. John has a hefty portfolio of fortune 500 clients and luckily decided to join us in his ‘spare time’. When he is not Dweebing Out on his Mac, he is biking, and rooting for the White Sox!
Anna Piepmeyer
Working On: Viral Marketing
Anna is our Ambassador of Awesomeness and in charge of promoting Dweeber virally. She also works with our community of testers. She monitors us old geezers to make sure the creative direction and site functions are relevant to its users (youth), and won't let us fall behind the trends or become 'passé'. Anna is an avid reader, writer, and all out nerd. When she's not working on Dweeber, you can find her exploring Chicago on her bike, listening to live music, or studying-- for fun.
Dweeber Youth Advisory Board
Sam Totten
working on
Emily Holt
Three things about me...
1-I love to hang out with my friends
2-I wish I didn't have to do school anymore
3-I have a really big family
Soren Nilsson