Study Groups

Launch a group study session with your pals. You can work through your homework faster by chatting, sharing links, and using the whiteboard.

My Dweebs

Get to know your friends in ways you never thought of. Organize your friends in your visualizer, and then compare vital statistics: SMART profiles, interests, and websites. This is also your command headquarters: find out who's online, send messages, and add successes to your friends' profiles.

Dweeb Nation

Explore the entire Dweeb Nation to find your friends and classmates, or to connect with subject-savvy Gurus for help with tough homework questions.


Make your voice heard! You can show your friends your interests and activities, SMART profile, and how many Guru Points you've earned for being active on Dweeber. The front of the profile displays the basics; flip it over for a closer look!


SMART formula

Make homework easier and faster by going through the five steps of the SMART profile to find out what makes your brain tick. Compare with your friends' profiles to find out how you click (Or not!)


Create your own, customized homework hub by naming the people, places, and things that help you out. You can add websites to the database, and vote on the best features of top rated sites across the Dweeb Nation.

Message Center

See what's crackin' with your friends: trade messages and successes, keep track of who's doing what, and which study sessions you want to jump into. Don't forget: for helping each other on Dweeber, you earn Guru points.